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We are beyond grateful that Rebbeca Katz, author of the "Cancer Fighting Kitchen" and Jen Yasis, Founder of the Healing Kitchens, took time to answer questions that our neuroendocrine tumor community had on eating while we are all staying home and limiting our exposure during this pandemic.

This information does not constitute professional medical advice. For questions regarding your own health, always consult a physician.

Recipes referenced in this video: 
My Everything Drizzle  Magic Mineral Broth  Cozy Roasted Vegetable Soup  Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Pesto

Search the Recipe Box at more herby drizzles, dollops, other blended soups, and recipes.
Remember to omit minor ingredients that are not recommended for a NET or CS diet or that you know are not well tolerated. 
Vinegar was mentioned in the video to clean fruits and vegetables -  this is for other bacteria (NPR: What does it take to clean fresh food)

From Ms. Katz:

In times like these, when we feel the world is spinning out of control, one thing we can do is nourish ourselves and our families by preparing healthy, delicious meals. And for me, it’s all about soup. In my family, soup season is year-round, but especially during those “shoulder seasons” of fall and spring. The rhythm of cooking can be calming and soothing, as we bring all our senses to bear on the task at hand - especially during these anxious times. Cooking is a way to feel empowered while nourishing ourselves, our families and communities.

In that spirit, we would like to offer you our self-paced Clean Soups Online Course for FREE through the end of April 2020. Just click on the link below to register for the course. / Click on the green “add coupon” / Use the coupon code BEWELL

With nourishing thoughts for your health, safety, and wellbeing,
Rebecca and all of us at Healing Kitchens

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