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Yoga for NET Cancer

yoga for NET cancer

healing practices for NET patients
live Tuesday at 9 am Pacific Time

No matter where you are on your NET journey, yoga can help to improve the quality of life during and after.  These resources are a great starting place, especially if you are entirely new to yoga. NorCal CarciNET Community offers virtual yoga classes for the NET Community live or via recorded sessions that can be found here.

Our class instructor is Cheryl Fenner Brown, C-IAYT, ERYT-500, Integrative Yoga Therapist. At her website, you can join other classes and get additional information (

In addition to recorded sessions, some PDF resources can be downloaded below.

View our calendar of events for upcoming classes

Current class schedule:
1st Tue - Subtle Yoga
2nd Tue - Restorative Yoga
3rd Tue - Yoga Nidra
4th Tue - Mat Yoga
5th Tue - Chair Yoga 

All of the class videos are here (select the class you wish to watch) 

Individual videos from our first series 

Session 1. Yoga for NET Cancer / Anxiety

Session 2: Yoga for NET Cancer / Joint Pain

Session 3. Yoga for NET Cancer / Insomnia

Session 4: Yoga for NET Cancer / Fatigue

Session 5: Yoga for NET Cancer / Lymphedema

Session 6: Yoga for NET Cancer / Yoga Nidra

Session 7 Yoga for NET Cancer / Neuropathy

Session 8: Yoga for NET Cancer / Digestion Part 1 / Constipation & flatulence
See handout below

Session 9: Yoga for NET Cancer / Digestion Part 2 / Diarrhea & GERD

December 1 Practice - Reflective

December 22 Yoga Nidra for the Holiday

To just play the sound file click here


Yoga for Fatigue or Cog Fog
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