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2017 10 20Chris Hayes
January 9, 1959 - October 20, 2017

After 2 years of telling his doctor something was wrong inside him Chris finally underwent exploratory surgery where a large tumor was removed from his intestines. It was carcinoid/NET. It had spread to several lymph nodes and his liver. In the recovery room Chris's mom asked the doctor how long would he have to live with this type of cancer. The doctor told him maybe 5 years.

Chris soon figured out that with a rare cancer, as he had, he needed to become very knowledgeable about this disease. Chris learned about a National conference for NET's in San Francisco which he attended shortly after that It included 3 doctors and about 40 patients. Chris started attending every National conference there was. At each conference Chris learned about treatments and medications that his own doctor had never heard of. Chris would tell his doctor what medication, at what amount and how often he should have it. His doctor was happy to concur.

At the time of his passing Chris lived with this disease over 30 years.

Chirs and NorCal CarciNET Community.

At one conference Chris met Jeanette Shaffner who had started a support group for NET patients in Walnut Creek. He had heard of her but Chris was reluctant to go to a support group because he feared that it would be a lot of people asking "why me?". Jeanette said it wasn't like that at all. It was learning and information sharing.  After attended a meeting and learning more there than at many conferences Chirs and Genva become board members.

Chris has been a valued member of our Community since our inception. His inspiration to our Community will never be forgotten. We miss him dearly. 

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