The Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) Registry was developed to help researchers learn more about patients with NETs, specifically unique characteristics, risk factors and predictors of survival. The protocol director, Stanford's Dr. Pamela Kunz, and her research team are hoping to learn new information about NETs using this registry.


Participation in the NET Registry is voluntary. This is a non-intervention study. Your participation in this study would include completing a brief online questionnaire to provide demographic, lifestyle and clinical information including your family cancer history. Additionally you will be asked to provide researchers access to your previously collected tumor tissue (via biopsy or surgery) that we will save for future research.


There are two optional aspects of the study. First, we request that you allow us to collect 2 tablespoons of blood during your next visit, which would be saved for research. Secondly, if you have a standard of care GI surgery at Stanford, we request that you allow us to save a small sample of your tumor for future research.

You can learn more about the NET Cancer Registry by visitng the Stanford Cancer Center.