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Our Care Team is new. In late 2017, members at a support group meeting were discussing ways to help other members through times of change, crises, questioning, or serious illness. What follows is a brief outline of what we currently offer. We're open to suggestions for more services, as well as for more folks to join the team. You must have attended a NorCal CarciNet support group meeting in order to be able to access the Care Team by email, through which all services and discussions are accessed.

What we currently do:

  1. Contacting The Care Team is different from posting to the General List. This is a place to ask the NorCal Care Team for support. To ask more personal questions. To follow up on discussions from a meeting in a more private forum. To get help puzzling something out between meetings. To talk with someone who "gets it" between meetings. Email us, and then folks that have signed up for the Care Team will respond to you as soon as they are able.
  2. We can help members set up CaringBridge pages. CaringBridge is a way to keep family and friends informed. Think of it as your private health blog or journal. You can share as much or as little as you wish. You invite folks to join, and only those with the specific CaringBridge address can access your pages. It's great when you are undergoing a major procedure, surgery or or your caregiver write one post instead of dozens of texts and emails. One post instead of trying to remember who you told what and when. And one place for all your supporters to respond with good wishes.
  3. We can help members set up Wejoinin pages. This is essentially a group task calendar (which is easier to use than the calendar on CaringBridge or lotsahelpinghands), and can be used to help support you and your family before things get overwhelming. Use Wejoinin to schedule: visits, errands, rides, help with or preparation and delivery of meals, laundry, rides or company to doctor appointments, whatever your family needs. Again, you control access via email invitation to folks who you feel comfortable asking for help.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send us a note. This service is available to our members in the Bay Area.