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I'm participating in the Oakland Running Festival virtual run to raise awareness about neuroendocrine cancer.
Sitka and me in 2019 at the Pacific Crest Ride
Goal $1,200.00
62.5% towards our goal
$750.00 raised
The Mirro Family
$ 100.00
Susan H.
$ 100.00
$ 100.00
Kathy And Chris Lee
$ 100.00

Neuroendocrine Cancer (NETS) is a rare cancer that many people, such as myself, suffer from for years before finally being diagnosed and receiving treatment.  Norcal CarciNETS is an amazing organization that provides support to patients and caregivers living the journey with NETS by providing support and a space to share about how this cancer impacts our lives, treatment options, NET specialists, and more. I'll be participating in the virtual Oakland Running Festival to complete 26.2 miles by March 21st, 2021 with a couple of my good friends to help raise awareness about this cancer and hopefully help to educate more people so fewer people will suffer from this disease as I did. Please help us in this fundraising journey!  The picture is of Sitka and me in 2019 at the Pacific Crest Ride in Ashland Oregon two years after my diagnosis and surgery.