Join the Zebra Pack in Raising Awareness 2020

On March 22nd the CarciNET Community is joining together to bring awareness to this rare cancer by participating in the Oakland Running Festival.
Goal $2,500.00
55% towards our goal
$1,375.00 raised
Brian & MJ
$ 50.00
Love you Jerry!
The Family
$ 700.00
thank you for continuing to bring awareness to this rare cancer; through education , patient advocacy and care giver support we LOVE YOU xx0x0xx0
Ashley & Brennan
$ 100.00
Carol Banda
$ 100.00
Carcinoid is a Neuroendocrine Cancer and is one of the rarer forms of cancer. Little is known in the medical community on how to treat these patients battling this form of cancer. Clinical trials are the key to future treatments that will help extend the life expectancy rate for those dealing with Carcinoid. We are asking for your help by donating to the NorCal CarciNET Community. The funds will be used for educational resources and additionally to help fund clinical trials. We are fortunate to be a part of this community with a strong leader for patient advocacy. Thank you and we are grateful for your support.