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Kendra's Zebra Page 2024

I am raising funds in honor of Laurel Zien.
Kendra and Laurel
Goal $1,000.00
33.6% towards our goal
$336.00 raised
Steve & Peggy
$ 100.00
Love you - Miss you
$ 36.00
Thank you Kendra for walking in Laurel’s memory.
David & Lali?
$ 100.00
Loved the dance of life with you❤️
$ 100.00

My aunt Laurel was a volunteer leader, fundraiser, and donor for the NorCal CarciNet Community. This group supports cancer survivors with neuroendocrine tumors and carcinoid and their caregivers by giving them a space to share experiences, learn and share about prognosis and treatment, work with the medical community, and receive support. When Laurel was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, this group provided her with the opportunity to meet with others who understood her unique circumstances and later to give back to the same community. With the loss of Laurel in December 2020, I will be participating in the Oakland Running Festival in her honor. Please consider joining me for the virtual run and investing in supporting the NorCal CarciNet Community by making a donation. Together, we can help others with this disease.