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  • MEDICARE / CMS and Reimbursement for Advanced Radiopharmaceuticals

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    On October 18, 2019, an opinion piece that NorCal CarciNET Community’s Josh Mailman opinion article (“CMS policy shouldn't penalize those with rare disease”) was published by The Hill,  The opinion piece highlighted the challenges with the current method that Medicare/CMS use to pay for radiopharmaceuticals. This webpage provides more information on how this will impact NET patients and providers along with a  tool for those that are interested in taking action.

    The Medicare Diagnostic Radiopharmaceutical Payment Equity Act of 2019 (H.R. 3772),  which many in the nuclear medicine community are working on to help improve, will impact Medicare payments for imaging only. This bill is not looking at broader medical payment, billing or cost issues.


    In 2008, Medicare/CMS simplified how CMS paid for PET Imaging. The simplification reduced an infinite combination of supplies and tracers to a few PET bundles based on tracer cost. These bundles allowed a provider to bill for all PET imaging in a simplified manner. The most expensive bundle is ~ $1,400 (there are some regional adjustments).