Reading between the stripes - launch of a new tool makes clinical trials accessible for every NETs patient


The first neuroendocrine tumor clinical trial finder for patients and physicians has been launched by and NorCal CarciNET. The free online tool offers personalized, unbiased trial results and can be accessed at It is also available at NorCal CarciNET',  INCA Alliance and NETRF's websites. 

1. Introduction:

Clinical trials are often the best (sometimes only) treatment option for neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) due to rapidly evolving research in the space and a dearth of good standard of care treatment options. However, identifying the right clinical trial is a tedious task even for specialist physicians, and a nearly impossible one for patients.

2. About the tool:

3. About NorCal CarciNET

  • NorCal CarciNET’s mission is to help those with neuroendocrine tumors and carcinoid to share challenges and experiences, learn about prognosis and treatments, find information, and improve communications between the medical community, patients and caregivers. By providing opportunities for our members to connect with others who have these rare illnesses, they will enable them not only to get their questions answered but also to give and receive emotional support. In addition, they aspire to bring greater awareness to the medical community and the public so as to promote earlier detection and treatment of these often unrecognized illnesses.

4. About AG:

  • is a health tech company on a mission to help all cancer patients access clinical trials.’s artificial intelligence technology restructures clinical information to make it easy for anyone to find relevant trials in minutes. They’re proud to be a trial finder service provider for many organizations, including the American Cancer Society’s Blue Button Project.