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From Ipsen - results from CLARINET(R) Phase III clinical trial showed the antiproliferative effect of Somatuline(R) in the treatment of non-functioning GEP-NETs. Data showed that Somatuline(R) statistically significantly prolonged time to disease progression or death in non-functioning GEP-NET patients (p=0.0002; hazard ratio 0.47; 95% CI: 0.30-0.73

--After 2 years of treatment with Somatuline(R), disease progression or death was reduced by 53%: 62% of GEP-NET patients treated with Somatuline(R) had not progressed or died versus 22% with placebo

--Pre-specified subgroup analyses showed that the antiproliferative effect of Somatuline(R) is statistically significant in midgut tumors, clinically relevant in pancreatic NETs and independent of the tumor grade and hepatic tumor load

--Safety data generated from the study are consistent with known safety profile of Somatuline(R)

To download poster presented at NANETs meeting click here.