Keep me in your Heart

NorCal CarciNET Community has been blessed with members and leaders who have contirubed to the our Community and beyond who are no longer with us.

"Keep Me In Your Heart"
Warren Zevon - 2002

If I leave you it doesn't mean I love you any less
Keep me in your heart for awhile

When you get up in the morning and you see that crazy sun
Keep me in your heart for awhile

Hold me in your thoughts, take me to your dreams
Touch me as I fall into view
When the winter comes keep the fires lit
And I will be right next to you

Engine driver's headed north to Pleasant Stream
Keep me in your heart for awhile


Edda Sky DivingNorCal CarciNET Community would like to celebrate the life of Edda Gomez-Panzani who passed on June 30, 2015.  Edda was instrumental in gaining FDA approval for Somatuline (lanreotide) for NETs patients in December 2014. Edda loved working with the patient community and spoke at support group meetings around the world since joining Tercica (now owned by Ipsen). Her last support group presentation was to NorCal CarciNET Community in late 2014.

Dear friends, Jeanette Shaffner the founder of NorCal CarciNET and an inspiration to many in the NET community passed away September 8, 2012. Jeanette had battled NETs since 1998. She was the pioneer of the Northern California carcinoid support groups. We will miss her greatly. 

Please feel free to leave any messages or thoughts in celebration of her life in the comment section below.