Earlier today, NorCal CarciNET's Josh Mailman was named the 2015 Warner Advocacy Award recipient for Excellence in NET Patient Advocacy. Josh will be presented with the award on January 24th at the 2016 Bay Area Neuroendocrine Tumor Patient Conference in San Francisco (see below). To read more about the award please click here

PRRT Webinar - Now Available On-Line:

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular imaging (SNMMI) in partnership with NorCal CarciNET Community hosted a webinar on recent advancements in PRRT featuring Dr. Edward Wolin, University of Kentucky, Dr. Eric Mitrra, Stanford University and Josh Mailman, NorCal CarciNET Community and member of the SNMMI's Patient Advocate Advisory Board. Drs. Wolin and Mitrra were both investigators on NETTER-1, the recently reported on clinical trial of PRRT. The webinar is now available online for those that were not able to attend. Please click here to view.

Also available on-line: Abstracts and posters from the 2015 NANETS Annual Symposium. Over 350 medical professionals came together in Austin, Texas last month to discuss the latest research on NETs. The abstract and selected posters are available here.

Save the Date - 2016 Bay Area Neuroendocrine Tumor Patient Conference - January 24, 2016:

The annual patient education conference in the bay area will be hosted by UCSF on January 24, 2016. The conference will feature speakers from UCSF and Stanford as well as from other institutions around the world. Thanks to the generous funding from UCSF this conference will be held free of charge and will include parking. The conference will be held in cooperation with NorCal CarciNET Community, NET Research Foundation, and Stanford University Medical Center. For more information visit our website.

Next Meeting Saturday, December 5, 2015:

Our meetings are held from 1-4pm at the Cancer Support Community (CSC), located at 3276 Mc Nutt Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA. For more information visit our meeting page online.  NorCal CarciNET's Josh Mailman will give a presentation on orphan drug designation. This presentation was presented to the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance (INCA) meeting in Oxford, England earlier this year. 

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