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Dr. Baum speaks to CNETs Singapore on Theranostics.

Theranostics is the emerging field of molecular targeting of vectors which can be used for both therapies and diagnosis, when modified accordingly. For neuroendocrine tumor patients, it is well established that specific peptides may be used to target serotonin receptors on the tumors. In a well-equipped nuclear medicine department, these peptides can be bound with radioisotopes suited to either imaging or therapy - theranostics.

Facing Cancer Together.. NY Times Health Blog

Teamwork Is Essential Even without the challenge of a potentially fatal diagnosis like cancer, people often have difficulty remembering everything doctors tell them and correctly interpreting the information. When couples see doctors as a team, with one assigned to take notes and both able to ask questions, misunderstandings about diagnoses and treatment options are less likely.

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Moderated by Matthew H. Kulke, MD, this panel discussion examines the diagnosis and management of patients with neuroendocrine tumors. The discussion includes expert perspectives from a broad spectrum of specialists, including Pamela L. Kunz, MD, Rodney F. Pommier, MD, and James C. Yao, MD. Click here to see the entire 12 part series.

The Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) Registry was developed to help researchers learn more about patients with NETs, specifically unique characteristics, risk factors and predictors of survival. The protocol director, Stanford's Dr. Pamela Kunz, and her research team are hoping to learn new information about NETs using this registry.


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