We get questions all the time about medical alert bracelets, where to find them and what to engrave on them.

There are several types - engraved with a few lines of information, interactive with information and a link or a phone number to a service that will give a more detailed version of your medical information and USB bracelet that will have the information on the USB drive.

Many of us opt for the interactive bracelets as NETs tend to have complicated medical history that first responders should be aware of.  While the USB bracelet can store the information as well, not all first responders are equipped with a computer that can read a USB drive.

The two main providers of interactive bracelets are MedicAlert and RoadId.  MedicAlert offers more notifications plans (which are at an additional cost) - the bracelets run from $20 - $80 and the yearly service from $10-$50.  RoadId bracelets run from $17-$30 (we recommend the slim or elite) and include a year of free service, additional years are $10 a year.

Either are great options - If you are interested in RoadId - please click the banner below and 10% of your purchase will be given to NorCal CarciNET as a donation.

Do you use a medical ID? Let us know what you think of your ID in the comment section below.


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