Receiving treatment of lutetium dotatate-177 should one be concerned, should I delay if I have not started, what about subsequent treatments if I have already had 1 or 2 treatments? Featured


There is no broadly applicable response to this question as most treating physicians are making decisions that are best for individual patients.

At present this is how Dr. Kunz thinks about PRRT:

"For new patients: For asymptomatic patients with low tumor burden, it is probably ok to defer the start of treatment for a few months. When faced with the choice between PRRT vs. another therapy (like CapTem or everolimus) I may recommend an oral option since that will minimize hospital contact especially if patients are able to get their care virtually (ie. video visits)
For patients who have already started PRRT: If they have any COVID19 or URI symptoms, we are delaying treatment. If patients request delay we will accommodate. The two-month interval between doses is a bit arbitrary, and longer intervals can be performed safely. For patients who are tolerating PRRT well, are otherwise healthy, and have normal blood counts we are continuing treatment on schedule. "

This is all rapidly changing, so these recommendations may change and can be center dependant.

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