Getting Sandostatin / Lanreotide injections at a Nurse Treatment clinic or a large clinic. Should I continue to go monthly and risk exposure? Featured


The answer differs depending on why you are receiving your Somatostatin Analogue (SSA; ether Octreotide or Lanreotide). If you have a functional NET and you take an SSA to help reduce symptoms (like diarrhea or flushing), then you should continue your shots on schedule or you may get a flare in symptoms. We encourage patients to look for home injection options through Novartis and Ipsen; links are in our resource section. If you have a non-functional NET and are receiving an SSA to control the growth of your NET, then you can likely skip a month or two without a significant negative impact. In this case, we also encourage patients to investigate home injection options. 

Posted 2 years agoby globeseek