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  • UCSF/NorCAL CarciNET Community Meeting July 1

    July 2020, UCSF/NorCal CarciNET Meeting

    On July 1, 2020, UCSF and NorCal CarciNET Community help our second virtual support group meeting,

    Dr. Claire Mulvey gave a short presentation on the upcoming e-NET study. The study which will kick of this summer is a three-year study that will track Neuroendocrine patient-reported outcomes related to our care. NorCal CarciNET Community provided funding for this study.

    Dr. Dianne Shumay also addressed our group on Stress and Cancer in the time of COVID-19. Dr. Shumay was joined by Nina Jhaveri a post-doc fellow from USC who is currently working with Dr. Shumay at UCSF

    The presentation is available as a pdf here. The resource pdf is available to download here.