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Patient Day - 3rd Theranostics World Congress


Registration is now closed - there is no walk up registration.  We will work on getting the videos on-line as soon as they are available.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Congress, Co-sponsored by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) and Johns Hopkins Medicine, is intended for those interested in translational research and current state-of-the-art molecular imaging using 68Ga PET radiopharmaceuticals and radionuclide therapy.


The term "theranostics" symbolizes the inseparability of diagnosis and therapy and has a profound effect personalized disease management though widely used in Europe, 68Ga PET radiopharmaceuticals have only been used in the US in investigational trials under INDs.


With the potential of an approved agent available in the US in the near future, this conference is particularly useful to those who are new to this class of agent and want to hear more about it. A team of experts from around the world present their research and discuss updates in this exciting and evolving field.


Presentations on clinical applications and patient advocacy are new to this Congress, providing a unique perspective for attendees.

The Patient Education Day at the 3rd Theranostics World Congress will allow patients and their caregivers to attend the 3rd day of the congress (Saturday) focusing on the patient and the current thinking on imaging and therapy for NET patients using Theranostics as well as the current availability in the US.


Registration for patients and their caregivers for Saturday is free of charge.  Pre registration is required and must be done prior to March 8th. No CME credits are available for registration through this program.


Saturday sessions start at 8am so those not living in the area may wish to stay overnight on March 13. The conference Marriot Baltimore Waterfront no longer has conference rate available, but there are several hotels nearby that have less expensive rates.


Thank you to the event sponsors, the program committee and our non profit sponsors, Caring for Carcinoid Foundation and the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation for making the event available to patients at no charge.  To learn more about the conference click here. Registration services for the patient program are hosted by NorCal CarciNet Community.

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Agenda for 3TWC Saturday, March 14, 2015
State of the Art Management of NETs – Clinician and Patient Perspectives
Imaging with Gallium – From D to T (Diagnosis to Therapy)
How to Deliver Theranostics
Scientific Session 9 – State-of-the-Art Management of NETs: Clinician and Patient Perspectives (Johns Hopkins Tuner Auditorium)

 Chairpersons:   Thomas O’Dorisio (USA) and Eric Liu (USA)

08:00 The Clinician’s Perspective Thomas O’Dorisio (USA)
08:30 The Patient’s Perspective Josh Mailman (USA)
09:00 Single-center Experience Over More Than a Decade Analyzing 1000 Neuroendocrine Neoplasm Patients Treated with Single- or Duo-Radionuclide Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy Harshad Kulkarni (GER) 
09:15 68Ga-DOTA-Octreotate PET/CT and Outcomes of Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy for Pediatric Patients with Refractory Metastatic Neuroblastoma Grace Kong (AUS)


Coffee and Trade Exhibition (Johns Hopkins Tuner Auditorium)
Scientific Session 10 – Gallium Approval in the US: Background and Moving Forward (Johns Hopkins Tuner Auditorium)

Chairpersons:    Michael Graham (USA) and Rakesh Kumar Sharma (IND)

09:45 The US Experience with Imaging and Therapy
Ebrahim delPassand (USA)
10:15 The US Experience - Iowa Yusuf Menda (USA)
10:30 The US Experience - Vanderbilt Ron Walker (USA)
10:45 Pathway to Approval: FDA Perspective  Dwaine Rieves (USA)
11:05 SNMMI Gallium Users Group: Moving Approval Forward in the US Michael Graham (USA)
11:25 Panel Discussion  


LUNCH AND TRADE EXHIBITS (Johns Hopkins Tuner Auditorium)
Scientific Session 11 – How to Deliver Theranostics (Johns Hopkins Tuner Auditorium)

Chairpersons:  Baljinder Singh (IND) and Aron Belfer (BRA)

13:00 Updates from Clinical Trials Lisa Bodei (ITA)
13:25 PRRT and Theranostics in Children Sue O’Dorisio (USA)
13:50 PRRT + Chemotherapy = Peptide Receptor Chemoradionuclide Therapy (PRCRT) Michael Hofman (AUS)


CONGRESS HIGHLIGHTS AND LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: Richard Baum and Frank Roesch (Johns Hopkins Tuner Auditorium)
In Conversation with Drs. Liu and Baum - For Patients and Caregivers
March 14th, 2015 from  7:00 AM to  4:00 PM
720 Rutland Ave
Baltimore, MD 21205
United States
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